Bloody Orkney

It’s November 1942. Bob Sutherland, Monique Dubois and the Military Intelligence 11 team fly in to review security in Orkney, home to one of the most important and most heavily defended naval anchorages in the world.

But an unidentified body has been found. It becomes clear that powerful men have things they’d rather keep hidden and MI11’s arrival threatens the status quo. Then Bob stumbles over a ghost from his past and things get far too personal.

He and Monique are called away to resolve a crisis at a secret experimental base at Gruinard Bay in Wester Ross. When they return to Orkney, they find that the rules have been rewritten and they are in very real danger.

'Bloody Orkney' was published by Arachnid Press on 29 June 2021. The cover design is the work of Carolyn Henry, based on a photograph of the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney taken by Maureen Lussey.

Cover of Bloody Orkney


NextToTheAisle, 6 October 2021: "...another rip-roaring page-turner that is exhilarating and memorable - an author like perhaps Fleming, not afraid to put his hero in jeopardy and make the reader wonder if it may happen. The climatic shootout amidst a church layout is brilliantly handled and he gives scope for more action to come from the intrepid duo with three years left of the war, this course is most certainly not run yet. This reader for one cannot wait for more from Bob Sutherland via the pen of Ken Lussey."

Scottish Field, 24 September 2021: "This is one of three fast-paced thrillers written by Ken Lussey and set in Scotland during wartime. Located in Orkney in 1942, it’s a story of war and deception, and centres around group captain Bob Sutherland and his MI11 team. Flown in to inspect the naval base in Orkney, they find that things are far from secure. I am not usually a big fan of wartime thrillers, but this presents a new perspective on the war set against an Orcadian backdrop. The plot had me hooked in no time and I found this novel surprisingly difficult to put down."

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer, 9 August 2021: "A fast-paced, thrilling and complex historical thriller, Bloody Orkney has completely revived my interest in the historical fiction genre, with author Ken Lussey delivering a masterclass in how to invigorate the stale, trope-ridden setting of the Second World War by setting the narrative in a distant, unfamiliar location he imbues with a chilling and unsettling atmosphere and filling it with multi-faceted, memorable characters who stay with you long after the novel has come to an end."

Nigel Fitzsimmons, 24 July 2021: "Ken Lussey never disappoints. Another one you have to keep reading until it’s finished. From the Orkney isles to Moray to Easter Ross, the familiar locations (to me) enhance the enjoyment. Can’t wait for the next one!"

The Orkney News, 16 July 2021: "Let me begin with a summary – this is a good read, enjoyable, hardly Kafka but if you enjoy a historically set crime thriller then this is for you. Put it this way, I do enjoy that and I enjoyed this book particularly... Ken Lussey writes well, the story skips along logically and engagingly and is a genuine page turner, I got through it in seven readings and some quite late nights because it was pretty gripping... A really good diversion that took me to Orkney in the Second World War. I’m off to see what else Ken Lussey has written, which is really all that needs to be said from my perspective and possibly yours."

K&K Henderson, 13 July 2021: "The third in the series featuring Bob & Monique does not disappoint. A great story... Monique is given a bigger and better role in Bloody Orkney... The plot keeps you hooked and the pages keep turning in the quest to find out what happens next."