The Eye of Horus

'The Eye of Horus' is an atmospheric World War Two thriller with settings that move from the Highlands of Scotland via Gibraltar to Malta.

It’s June 1943. Bob and Monique Sutherland are on honeymoon in Kyle of Lochalsh when an unexpected visitor arrives to spoil their idyll.

They agree to travel to Malta to search for two missing men, a young naval lieutenant and an MI6 officer who has disappeared while looking for him. The aerial siege of the island is over and the tide of war has turned but, after three years of bombing, Malta remains a shattered place.

The available leads produce more questions than answers and progress is impeded by lies. As Bob and Monique come closer to discovering what became of the two men, events take a dangerous turn and their priority shifts from enjoying their honeymoon to surviving it.

'The Eye of Horus' will be published by Arachnid Press on 18 June 2024 and is available in paperback and Kindle editions. The cover design is the work of Carolyn Henry Photography

Cover of The Eye of Horus