The House With 46 Chimneys

Life changes dramatically for Kaleb, Jude and Sequoia when they move to live with their aunt in a rural corner of central Scotland. But then life is changing dramatically for everyone. It’s the beginning of April 2020, the early days of the coronavirus lockdown. The roads are nearly empty of cars and the blue skies almost clear of aeroplanes.

Three local children they meet – in a socially distanced way – draw them into a two-century-old family mystery involving the haunting of the nearby ruins of Dunmore Park, 'The House With 46 Chimneys'. As the book builds to its climax, the children are faced with a decision. Do they try to right a wrong that was done in 1828, a wrong that has had consequences ever since? Or is doing so simply too dangerous?

'The House With 46 Chimneys' was published by Arachnid Press on 10 November 2020. The cover design is the work of Carolyn Henry, based on photographs of Dunmore Park taken by Maureen Lussey.

Cover of The House With 46 Chimneys


Grace J Reviewerlady, 18 January 2021: "An Engaging Read! There is certainly plenty going on in this one! This is a tale which entranced me; there are some strange goings on but all clearly explained and easy to follow. I can imagine the YA audience that this book is aimed at being totally enthralled by it. With a historical mystery, a present day conundrum and lockdown to deal with, the author does an excellent job of keeping all threads straight.".

NextToTheAisle, 4 January 2021: "...keeps us gripped as the children become embroiled in the tribulations of a ghost story." "...shows his versatility as a writer, harking back to books of his youth from Enid Blyton's Famous Five to the Railway Children".

The Book Lover's Boudoir, 4 December 2020: "I thought this was a terrific read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit I wasn’t sure about reading a book that features coronavirus. I think fiction should be an escape from what's really happening so this concerned me a little... I was pleasantly surprised by the way the author incorporates coronavirus {as} a backdrop for the book which is an interesting combination of ghost story, haunted house tale and a mystery... I had a great time reading this."

Echoes In An Empty Room, 30 November 2020: "...very well written and engaging."

Alex J Book Reviews, 24 November 2020: "With an almost ‘Famous Five’ feel, this is an endearing and likeable tale with an affable bunch of kids... In the midst of the dread of this awful pandemic, Ken Lussey has crafted a delightful tale full of history and a spooky feel with the help of his grandson and I happily recommend this read to young and old."

"For an author who usually pens very good wartime thrillers this is quite the change and he has done it very well."